Women's Ministries

Our Mission & Vision

Vision: Women empowered and nurtured to fulfill their God-given potential.

Mission: Our mission is in the larger sense common to all Christians—that of uplifting Christ in the Church and in the world. But more specifically, we are called to:

Nurture—Reach Up to God
Empower—Reach Across with God
Outreach—Reach Out with God


It's My Very Own

Every day children are removed from their homes due to parental drug abuse and neglect.  Many are left with nothing of their own. They lose their home, their parents, their clothes and their toys.

It’s My Very Own (IMVO), a faith-based, voluntary organization, seeks to make kids’ lives a little brighter by working with communities to provide displaced children with Bags of Love that meet their immediate needs. Each bag of love includes a handmade quilt, stuffed animal, toys, books, and personal items. The bags are age appropriate and are delivered to the local agencies charged with removing children from unsafe homes.

“I couldn’t have had a successful placement without your bags of love.  Your bags are special and they cover all the bases.”
-Foster Care Caseworker
Glynn County, DFCS

The women of the Waterford SDA Church are committed to this mission. We are one of two Connecticut chapters, currently serving DCF offices in Willimantic & Middletown. Contact Erin at erin.saglimbeni@waterfordsdachurch.com for questions/inquiries or if you'd like to get involved. For more information about this organization, visit their website and/or watch this interview.


Come Home

Amidst the chaos around us and the pandemic that consumes us, I am often reminded that this is not our home. We put our heads down and get busy with our lives, focus on our work/families/communities and forget to look UP. However, softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling for us. Come home, come home. Ye who are weary come home. Earnestly, tenderly Jesus is calling. Calling, "O sinner come home." I love that song. It's a love note to each of us. Jesus is calling us into His embrace, offering to take our burdens and give us new life. May each of us find rest in Jesus, our true home.