Tell the World


“Tell The World” is the compelling story of a small group of farmers from the northeast region of the United States. The film begins with a startling discovery made by farmer, William Miller, who concludes that Jesus will return in 1843. His sermons along with the Biblical and historical evidence were so convincing that thousands of people sold everything, confessed their sins, and waited for the event with high expectations. Eventually they settled for a specific date: October 22nd, 1844. 


But when the day came, Jesus did not return. Thousands were disappointed, but Miller and his wife did not lose hope. The story follows them, along with Ellen and James White, who were very influential in forming the Seventh Day Adventist Church that we see today. Ellen’s guidance and advice, obtained through Bible studies, as well as dreams and visions revealed by God, guided the steps of the Church in becoming a worldwide movement of compassion in the areas of health, education, community development and disaster relief.


It is a story of overcoming uncertainty and doubt with the hope of Jesus’ soon return. This film offers a history of how the Seventh Day Adventist Church began and how they grew & changed in order to follow God’s will more closely. That same message that brought disappointment to thousands, now brings hope to millions.


To learn more about the story, the characters and the making of the film, please visit the official movie website here.